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The Primary Markets We Service Are:
Educational K-12 and Higher Education, Health Care(Hospital,Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and Elderly Living Complexes), Hotels/Motels, Corporate Buildings and Residential

Professional Services


Louisiana Special Systems, Inc. is here to provide you with solutions tailored to your needs. Systems that we can integrate into your facilities include:

Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell Fire Alarm System

Gamewell-FCI is one of the world's largest manufacturers of engineered alarm systems. Through technologies like intelligent fire alarm networks, digital voice evacuation, and conventional fire control panels, your facilities and people will be safer and more secure.

Security & Video Surveillance Systems

Louisiana Special Systems, Inc. has partnered with many other providers, to offer businesses assurance that they are constantly protected from unwanted intruders. We stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends in the security industry to design the best possible solution for your needs.

Access Control

Your employees are your most important asset, and they need to feel safe. Access control systems provide that security by controlling entrance into secure areas in your facility. An access control system will be able to immediately verify if the person has clearance or not based on scanning them through a door sensor without any paperwork needed to sift through beforehand. This saves time, money, and reduces unnecessary exposure to sensitive data when having an employee track down someone who should have been banned from entering the area yet snuck in anyways.

Engineer School
Intercom Systems

Intercom systems integrate voice and data communications, these devices facilitate hands free communication across distances that are outside shouting distance for voice only. A proper system provides clear two way conversations both indoors and outdoors with coverage ranges up to five kilometers on some models. Intercoms are used by industrial plants, corporations, government buildings, hospitals, military installations, transportation terminals.

Commercial Sound &
Paging Systems

You'll find our sound and paging systems have endless possibilities. They can be used for public address announcements as well to provide background music in offices, restaurants, stadiums, hotels, stores, offices, schools , warehouses,, factories,, and airports. Telcom-Data sales employees are experts in paging systems and sound design. We can help you – no matter what size – incorporate a new paging or sound system

Call System

Emergency Call systems at are connected to each elderly living apartment with pull cord stations in the bedrooms and bathrooms of each apartment usually with dome lights on the outside of each apartment. When a cord is pulled it lights the dome light and send a signal to the control panel and annunciates at the office and a signal is sent to the monitoring station to dispatch emergency responders. Nurse call is similar just need in Hospital and Nursing Home rooms and usually have 2 way voice communication and Does NOT go to a monitoring station but does go to a master console at the nurses station.